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Providing transmission services with the ease of convenient appointment scheduling is what customers can expect at Foreign Motor Service

Content: Our professional team at Foreign Motor Service of Temple City California handles all of your vehicle transmission in the most convenient way possible. Our customers have busy schedules so we work around them and accommodate their needs. With over 20 years of experience Foreign Motor Service proudly has specially trained repair experts to make transmission Services convenient for customers. Our extremely high reviews from some of our number one customers are a clear sign that our honest reliable services are second to none. We believe it is important to only have a professional handle all routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle especially transmission repairs to ensure it is in top condition. When choosing Foreign Motor Service for transmission services, you can rely on our experience and we are always ready and available to take care of your car right away. We also offer free delivery and pickup for your convenience.

Maintaining your vehicle regularly can mean the difference between a smooth ride without worry and a bad day of car trouble. Our crew is available for all major auto repairs, preventative maintenance, and tire services. No matter what your vehicle needs are we take special care and our trained mechanics handle everything including brake work, steering and alignments; exhaust system installations, fuel injections, A/C and Heating repairs and more. Having your vehicle looked at by the expert team at Foreign Motor Service will ensure the job gets done right the first time and you get back on the road safely. Our company is known for providing excellent customer service, reliability, and high-quality parts and services.

Foreign Motor Service has got you covered for all transmission services, taking the headache out of car care

Transmission Service Near Temple City, California

It doesn’t matter what brand of vehicle you own because the experienced team at Foreign Motor Service understands what each vehicles specific needs are, especially when it comes to transmission service. How well your vehicle performs really depends on routine maintenance and servicing. The best way to achieve this is to have a professional regularly replace transmission fluid and filter to ensure a clean engine, as well as a, smooth and reliable ride. By frequently changing the transmission fluid and filter you reduce the chances of transmission slips. The experts at Foreign Motor Service believe you shouldn’t trust just anyone when it comes to maintenance and repair services. You want a mechanic who knows the specifics of each brand. It is our job to keep your vehicle running in premium condition and we have the knowledgeable staff to do it. We use the latest automotive service techniques and technologies, and are able to repair a multitude of different vehicles.

You may need transmission service from Foreign Motor Service if you are experiencing any of these 5 car problems.

  • Transmission won’t engage or stay in gear.
  • Your transmission is slipping or the engine is revving high.
  • Transmission fluid is leaking.
  • Your engine loses power or feels to have no power.
  • You notice an extreme burning smell coming from the engine while driving.

Best Transmission Service Near Temple City, California

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