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Subarus are loved by outdoorsy folk, busy parents, and anyone else who appreciates their safe build and supreme handling. But like most cars, even Subaru models tend to wear out over time. No matter what’s going on under the hood, Foreign Motor Service is the best Subaru repair shop in the Alhambra area for all of your needs!

What’s Wrong With My Subaru?

If your Subaru is from the early 2010s, then you’re likely to experience a few common problems. But if you live in the Alhambra area, it’s nothing that the expert mechanics at Foreign Motor Service can’t handle! We’ve seen our fair share of Subaru models so we know exactly how to handle your situation.

Subaru Models With Known Issues

When it comes to Subaru models that are around a decade old, there are a few in particular that tend to show more problems than other vehicles. If you own any of these models, come visit us for special care:

  • Outback
  • Forester
  • Legacy
  • Impreza
  • Crosstrek
  • Tribeca
  • WRX

Common Subaru Repairs

Common problems with older Subaru models involve the check engine light, transmission, cooling system, brake lights, and wipers along with some fluid leakage. Many of these parts can cause any vehicle to become undrivable, but you can bring your car to your local Subaru repair shop near Alhambra to be fixed good as new.

Faulty Part Description
Check Engine Light An inaccurate O2 reader is the most common cause of the check engine
Transmission In time, the transmission system can wear out and make it difficult or nearly impossible to switch gears.
Cooling System The cooling system can randomly shut down and cause your vehicle to overheat.
Brake Lights Brake lights have been known to flicker or shut off completely.
Wipers The motor in your wiper system can overheat and cause the wipers to stop in the middle of wiping.
Fluids Fluid leakage can happen throughout the vehicle.

Foreign Motor Service Has You Covered!

Why is Foreign Motor Service the best place near Alhambra to bring your Subaru? We specialize in caring for Japanese vehicles with over 20 years of experience. No matter what problems you’re experiencing, we offer a wide range of services including preventive care and major repairs. And because you can get service warranties, deals, and other special offers with us, we’re easily among the most affordable option for Subaru repairs near you!

Visit the Best Subaru Repair Shop Near Alhambra

If you’re looking for a place that knows Subaru vehicles better than anyone else, bring it to Foreign Motor Service! We’re the best Subaru repair shop near Alhambra with our years of expertise in Japanese cars. Call (626) 287 1944 to schedule your next service!