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Porsche Repair Shop Near Me

When it comes to Porsche repair shops serving Pasadena, there’s no better choice than Foreign Motor Service. We prioritize customer satisfaction with a team of highly skilled technicians who are committed to providing top-notch Porsche repairs. Discover more about why Foreign Motor Service is the best Porsche repair shop near you excelling in common Porsche repairs with exceptional service. Believe us when we say that you can trust us with your prized Porsche vehicle!

Unparalleled Expertise In Porsche Repairs

Porsche models are desired for their unmatched performance and excellent driving experience. However, like any brand of car you buy, these vehicles may require occasional repairs. At Foreign Motor Service, we have an extensive list of automotive services addressing common Porsche repairs, including:.

Brake System Overhauls

Brake System Overhauls

With their sporty nature, Porsche vehicles demand a high-performance braking system. Our technicians are well-versed in repairing and upgrading brake components such as brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines.

Suspension and Steering Repairs

We can address issues related to suspension components, including shocks, struts, control arms, and bushings. You can also trust us with performing steering system repairs for precise and responsive handling.

Suspension And Steering Repairs

Electrical System Troubleshooting

Electrical System Troubleshooting

From diagnosing electrical faults to repairing complex wiring issues, our mechanics are equipped to handle the intricate electrical systems of Porsche vehicles.

Come To Foreign Motor Service For Porsche Repairs!

When it comes to Porsche repairs near Pasadena, you can count on Foreign Motor Service for exceptional service and expert craftsmanship. Contact our helpful staff today at (626) 287 1944 to schedule an appointment or visit us any time you’re in need of repairs. Experience the difference with our specialized expertise and personalized care for your Porsche. Trust your precious ride with the best Porsche repair shop near you! We look forward to fixing up your vehicle to be the best that it can be.