Routine Oil Change
Routine Oil Change

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Providing convenient, quality oil change services is what customers can count on most at Foreign Motor Service

With a professional team at Foreign Motor Service of Temple City California your vehicle is in extremely good hands. Foreign Motor Service proudly has over 20 years of experience and our specially trained repair experts make it easy and convenient for customers to get the necessary services needed. Customer testimonials from some of our number one customers are a clear sign that our honest reliable services can’t be beat. We believe it is important to only have a professional handle all routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle to ensure it is in top condition. By choosing Foreign Motor Service for oil change services, you have professionals ready and available to take care of your car right away, while also offering free delivery and pickup for your convenience.

Maintaining your vehicle by scheduling consistent, timely oil change services, can mean the difference between a smooth ride without worry and a bad day of car trouble. We are here for all major auto repairs, preventative maintenance, and tire services. Whatever your vehicle needs are we take special care and our trained mechanics handle everything including brake work, steering and alignments; exhaust system installations, fuel injections, A/C and Heating repairs and more. Taking your vehicle to our expert team at Foreign Motor Service will ensure the job gets done right and you get back on the road safely. We are known for providing excellent customer service, reliability, and high-quality parts and services.

Having the professionals at Foreign Motor Service handle oil change services gives customers peace of mind and safety

Oil Change Service Near Temple City, California

No matter what brand of vehicle you own the experienced crew at Foreign Motor Service understands what each vehicles specific needs are. The performance of your vehicle really depends on routine maintenance. Being sure to have a professional perform regular oil and filter changes will ensure a clean engine, as well as a, smooth and reliable ride. Oil changes help to remove excess dirt that can build up in your engine. Sludge can accumulate if routine oil changes are not performed which causes a build-up that can lead to engine trouble. The experts at Foreign Motor Service know you can’t trust just anyone when it comes to maintenance and repair services. You want a mechanic who knows the specifics of each brand. We look forward to keeping your vehicle running in premium condition and have the knowledgeable staff to do it. We use the latest automotive service techniques and technologies, and are able to repair a multitude of different vehicles.

Foreign Motor Service understands the 7 main reasons to get routine oil and filter changes

  • Protect your vehicle against corrosion: Engine oil provides a natural protective coating that prevents an attack from moisture, dirt, dust and other corrosive air particles.
  • Prevent wear and tear: Engine parts move and rub together at extremely high speeds so it is important for the oil to be routinely changed with new oil to retain its viscosity to reduce friction.
  • Cool down engine components: Not only does clean oil reduce friction but it also reduces heat and transfers it away from vulnerable engine parts.
  • Keeps engine clean: Engine oil helps to remove particles of shaved metal due to rubbing and friction between various components so they don’t get stuck in engine parts.
  • Extend mileage and engine lifespan: Proper engine lubrication reduces excess engine strain to improve fuel consumption.
  • Costly repairs are reduced: A well-maintained vehicle with regularly performed oil and filter changes goes through less strain parts endure less wear and tear and the vehicle is protected against the elements.
  • Increase resale value: A vehicle that has routinely been maintained is in a better position to retain its resale value for the future.
Oil Change

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