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Reliable auto mechanics that specialize in Lexus repairs

Foreign Motor Service of Temple City California is the only place you should take your vehicle for all auto repair services. We have specially trained Lexus repair professionals able to locate problems quickly, repair them using only quality parts, and get you back on the road safely. We have over 20 years of experience in foreign auto repair services and our customers always receive reliable honest services they can count on. Lexus is a luxury brand that needs to be maintained by professionals who know what each model needs to stay safely on the road. Foreign Motor Service is ready and available to take care of your Lexus and now offers free delivery and pickup for your convenience.

Lexus Repair Shop

Having a busy schedule sometimes makes taking your Lexus in for servicing a chore. At Foreign Motor Service we strive to make maintenance services efficient and timely. We offer a wide range of services such as preventative maintenance, major auto repairs, and tire services. Our professional mechanics perform brake work, steering and alignments; exhaust system installations, fuel injections, A/C and Heating repairs and more. No matter what your Lexus vehicle needs are the experienced team at Foreign Motor Service will get the job done and you will have peace of mind knowing your drive is safe. Providing excellent customer service is key and we believe it is the first step towards a successful business.

Lexus repairs only a professional mechanic should execute.

  • Preventative Maintenance: this includes oil changes using factory recommended oil and filter, brake services, fluid and filter changes, service engine soon lights, and so much more. Our trained technicians focus on high quality work combined with attention to detail. Keeping our customers happy and on the road safely is our priority.
  • Replacing/Rotating Tires: There is a lot of professional grade equipment that is used to correctly replace tires. Only a professional mechanic who specializes in Lexus vehicles will know which tires belong on which models. If the wrong ones are installed the vehicle is unsafe to drive and serious damage can be caused.
  • Timing Belt Replacement: Lexus models have very reliable timing belts, but you’ll still want to get your replaced every 90,000 miles. If you have reached the replacement mile or your timing belt is acting up the vehicle should only be serviced by an experienced car care expert.
  • Fuel System Repairs: kThe Lexus brand is known for having a strong and reliable fuel system, though sometimes you might need to fix a fuel pump. If this is the case it is always best to leave this job to a professional Lexus mechanic.

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